Multimodal interaction

One of the longest standing visions of interaction with computers has been the ultimate display of Ivan Sutherland, where computers can “control the existence of matter”. Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were inspired by this vision. More recently, Ishii proposed the vision of radical atoms, where we might directly interact with computer-controlled matter for input and output. The concepts have been ideational ever since as the technological implementation has been completely unclear. Only partial steps towards a realization had been achieved for example by creating the ability to evoke haptic OR visual OR auditory feedback. Potential application areas are therefore limited and largescale deployment of these technologies has not occurred. In Levitate, we go even beyond Sutherland’s and Ishii’s initial (and previously unachieved) visions by enabling users to interact with computer controlled levitating particles in a multimodal way using the full range of human capabilities, with graphics projected on to the surface of the particles.

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